We are a small team of web designers and developers. A bunch of cool guys who push pixel for the web. We based in Jakarta

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We provide custom website design & development, Infographics convert a complex and boring text based information into an eye catch, Design Logo, Digital Marketing Agency, IT Software & Hardware Providers.

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Our Services

Web Design & Development

We provide custom website design & development, whenever you need a personal website, corporate website, product catalog or online store we here to help. Our team consist of creative web designer and PHP programmer that can assure to give you a correct solutions.

For the past few year we successfully deliver a custom web based applications for our client ie; Data Center Information System, Hospital information system, Service Office Facility System, Company Profile Networking Company, Website Model Agency etc.

Infographics & Logo Design

Infographics convert a complex and boring text based information into an eye catch, fun and easy to understand infographic. Infographics deliver the important information to your audience without hassle. We have delivered infographics for websites, company profile or Guide Book.

If you felt the information you had need to deliver in better way to your audience then call us for solutions. Our Logo designer also can help to create an eye catch modern logo design / redesign logo.

Internet Digital Marketing Services

Infinity Power is Digital Marketing Agency, we understand how to create boost your business with google. We analyze, promote and market your business online with Google AdWords to help you reach your potential customers with relevant ads on Google search results pages.

In Infinity Power we know how to convert your ads into sales or new prospect. Search Engine Marketing is targeted promotions with instant results and yet cost efficient. Let us do your promotion and you can focus to the business!

IT Software & Hardware Providers

If you need some IT stuff like PC, Laptop, Computer Server, Harddrive, Software Etc, we can help you to find and implement to your system, we also open free consultation about IT Software and IT Hardware you need.

Hardware and Software have a symbiotic relationship, this means that without software hardware is very limited; and without hardware, software wouldn't be able to run at all. They need each other to fulfill their potential.

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